“Jis inaayat ki tarah tujhe paya hai,

 utni hi shiddat ke saath tujhe chaha hai,

Tera pasbaan rahunga sada,

jo tere pyaar ko riwayat banaya hai.”

(Inaayat – blessing; shiddat- intensity; pasbaan – protector; riwayat – tradition)

LOVE,  1 word, 4 letters, multiple meanings. It Is strong, it is all-conquering, it is also the biggest weakness, it is also life shattering.  Yet, there is something about it which makes us long for it. We, as an individual, long to be loved, more so, to be loved unconditionally. We all want that one person who would choose you over everyone else, over everything else, at any time of the day, in any form.


“Kai zubaan mein kaha,

 uss lafz se qurbat na ho saka.

Teri ruhaniyat bhari lehja se par,

 zindagi ke har harf mein tha doob saka.”

(qurbat – close; ruhaniyat- soulful; lehja- way of talking; harf – letter of the alphabet)

It may be her lips, smiling from behind her unkempt hair, or her gaze, breathing happiness into your heart.  It may be his hands, supporting the very feet he swept you off, or his shoulder, the same burly one which becomes the softest path to your dreams in that moment of time. His heartbeat becoming the sweetest lullaby or her cafune the most calming drug. Love, is not just expressed, it is felt. When it is felt, it becomes a part of you. You will protect it at all costs, and trust love to do the same for you. For when it is truly felt, you become invincible.


“Jharne ki tarah behne do,

 bhala ise qaid kaise kiya ja sakta hai.

Ek pyaar hi to tha jisne mujhe khudse azaad kiya,

 ise moutjza nahi to aur kya kaha jaa sakta hai.”

(moutjza- miracle)

It doesn’t try to make you perfect, for imperfection was the reason that it happened. It paints you with brighter colors and makes you a more beautiful portrait of yourself. It protects the very soul which the rest of the world tries to steal away from you.  It makes your days brighter. It is then that you realize that you were so used to the darkness that you had convinced yourself that it was the light. Love doesn’t change you, it understands you. it doesn’t give up on you even when you give up on yourself. It does not only lift you, it carries you when you are too weak to walk.


“ Ba-dastoor tujhe chaha hai,

 har kami ko humari, tune taqat se nawaza hai,

Har roop tera apne aap mein hi khwabeeda hai,

Bhala us raat ka noor hi kya, jiske chand ko suraj ke saath taraja hai”

(ba-dastoor- unchanged; nawaza- bestowed; khwabeeda- dreamy; noor- radiance; taraja- compared)


A father, a mother, a sister , a brother, a friend, a stranger, wife or husband. Love has many avatars but is equally beautiful in all of its forms. Each form is as powerful as the other and completes you in more ways than you can ever imagine. So go hug your father, kiss your mother, say two good words to a stranger, meet your friend, embrace your better half with all the warmth of your arms. Love is not a person, it is a feeling. The feeling that you are not alone. That you never will be.

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“Tere mayassar hone ke liye hum sadiyo tak intezaar karenge.

Tujh se waabasta har khwaab ki hifazat karenge.

Musalsal yahi justajoo mein rehte hain ki

Jis qadar humari zindagi ko tune roshan kiya, jaan-e-man

Wo guftagu saare jahan ko sunane ko jee chahta hai,

Ki use dulhan ki tarah saja denge, tujh tak jo rasta jaata hai.”

(mayassar- available; waabasta- related; hifazat- protect; musalsal- constantly; justajoo- longing; guftagu- tale )


2 thoughts on “TE AMO

  1. Amazing… really great…
    Good one Anmol
    Lafzon ka daaman yuhi bhara rahe aapka,
    Dua hai ki Har martaba humein blog padhne mile aapka…


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