Inside the bleeding sky,
A star shined bright.
She ruffled the grass,
As the day retired into night.
There was still some sun,
Burning through the sea.
She looked into the water,
Which mirrored her beauty.
Her face drew a curve,
Neither a smile nor grim.
The water touched her feet,
As it overflowed it’s brim.
She stepped back and sat down,
With hands around her flexed knees.
As the sky turned purple,
And the birds returned to their trees.
He embraced her from behind,
A stray strand of hair he held,
Cradling it behind her ear,
On to his chest she would melt.
His heartbeat was her lullaby,
Her touch was his heaven.
They were meant to be together,
Yet their love was forbidden.
When I’m far away, he would say,
Look at the stars shining above.
They sparkle down here,
Yet fail to match your glow.
They surrendered to your beauty,
And reflected down below.
As he pointed to the spot,
Where dandelions did grow.
He would pluck them out,
And brush them across her face.
Like angels from the heavens,
Shovering down with their grace.
The wind kissed her cheeks,
Taking away the hug and the smile.
As she opened her eyes,
To the punctuated yet jet black skies.
She trudged to the patch,
And picked one of them up.
This is our love he had said,
This is our immortality cup.
We will be forever,
They had decided in advance.
But fate their fiend,
Had its own cruel plans.
For he was long gone,
Yet the flowers shined bright.
Which path she should take,
It was time to decide.
Because I’m the dandelion,
In your hand that you hold.
For you can blow me away,
Or you can hold me close..

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