With a nose longer than most, 
And ears as big as his heart,
Little jumbo turned 3 today
As he thought his journey would start.

He was a circus elephant, 
With his mother by his side,
But it had been 6 months,
Since she too had died.

Ever since he was born,
He was tied to a tree by a rope.
He would pull at it day and night,
Until he couldn’t cope.

Day and night, he tried to pull and bite,
For a year he went to all lengths.
But that entanglement of braided jute,
Proved too much for his strength.

He finally gave up the impossible task,
Staring down the posse of trees.
For the only thing he ever wanted,
Was to one day be finally free.

20 years passed by and still,
He entertained with the clowns. 
Cricket, football you name it,
Collecting applause in all the towns.

Even now he’s tied to that same one rope,
Which shackled him every night. 
But for years there were no tug or pull,
For long back he had given up the fight.

Today he weighs ten thousand pounds, 
And can break a thousand ropes.
But today he doesn’t even try,
because yesterday crushed all his hopes.

If only he had someone tell him,
A whisper, “give it one more try.”
One last push for all your dreams,
And I promise everything will be alright. 

Our fears, are nothing but,
A consortium of our own thoughts.
A self-contrived bubble if you may,
Of all the lost battles we have fought.

Let not the past define your future,
But learn from it no less.
And keep tugging away at what imprisons you,
For self-confidence is your only test.

So take the leap and fly you will,
Those wings  were meant to be spread. 
Only then will you know it was not your fear,
But your heart you were to follow till the end. 

little jumbo

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