Inside the bleeding sky, A star shined bright. She ruffled the grass, As the day retired into night.   There was still some sun, Burning through the sea. She looked into the water, Which mirrored her beauty.   Her face drew a curve, Neither a smile nor grim. The water touched her feet, As it … Continue reading DANDELION



“Jis inaayat ki tarah tujhe paya hai,  utni hi shiddat ke saath tujhe chaha hai, Tera pasbaan rahunga sada, jo tere pyaar ko riwayat banaya hai.” (Inaayat – blessing; shiddat- intensity; pasbaan – protector; riwayat – tradition) LOVE,  1 word, 4 letters, multiple meanings. It Is strong, it is all-conquering, it is also the biggest … Continue reading TE AMO