A sergeant he was, Big and strong. A world class pistol shooter, Throughout Hungary he was known. He practiced so hard, Days and weeks would retire. For an Olympic gold, Was all that he desired. In nineteen thirty six, he set his sights, But he couldn't participate altogether. For the law demanded, as weird it … Continue reading EX-CUSE



With a black hat on his head, And a black jacket full sleeved. With Abra-kadabra and sleight of hand, It was reality itself that he teased. A magician he was, Renowned by all. Kids or adults, Alike did he enthrall. My hands are empty, Oft' he would say. And conjure a bouquet, In broad light … Continue reading MAGIC


“Jis inaayat ki tarah tujhe paya hai,  utni hi shiddat ke saath tujhe chaha hai, Tera pasbaan rahunga sada, jo tere pyaar ko riwayat banaya hai.” (Inaayat – blessing; shiddat- intensity; pasbaan – protector; riwayat – tradition) LOVE,  1 word, 4 letters, multiple meanings. It Is strong, it is all-conquering, it is also the biggest … Continue reading TE AMO